Thumbnails and Research

In this stage, I search for inspiration or I look for reference in relation to the mandate. I then proceed to sketch thumbnails of my illustration and look up any necessary references I need to aid in my drawing.


At this stage, if I feel like I need to workout certain issues, I’ll proceed to a larger thumbnail or a more refined sketch. For this illustration, I felt confident enough in my thumbnails so I just scan them in to my computer and slap them in Adobe Photoshop as a template. I then proceed to sketching and refining my drawing digitally. I just use a hard round brush set at 50% opacity.


Here I proceed to build my vector illustration using Adobe Illustrator. It’s easy to get carried away with colour sometimes so here I just focus on building my shapes over my placed sketch as template.

Final Image

Here I proceed to colour the final image. I have no secret weapon here. I just use an accumulated collection of swatches that I’ve saved as a template. In this particular image, I’ve added a dash of subtle textures from Retro Supply.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peak into my process!

Best, Todd